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Graduate studies

The Cognitive Science graduate certificate program provides graduate with an advanced course of training in this rapidly growing interdisciplinary field. The certificate is open to students enrolled in any graduate degree program at the University of Connecticut. It is especially appropriate for PhD students in Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Communication Disorders, and other departments affiliated with Cognitive Science.

The program has the following objectives:

  • To introduce the central theories, methodologies, findings, and controversies in cognitive science today;
  • To provide a flexible but coherent course of study that can be individualized to complement students’ research interests and degree programs;
  • To catalyze interdisciplinary research by encouraging greater contact between faculty and graduate students in the many departments contributing to cognitive science.

Course requirements
The Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science requires a minimum of 12 credits, consisting of one required core course (COGS 5001, Cognitive Science Proseminar) and three electives. For details, please see Requirements.

The Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science is open to students enrolled in any graduate degree program at the University of Connecticut. To apply, please see Application Procedures.

We encourage students to apply to the program around the second year of your home program, after you’ve had a chance to sink in to the home department, and while there’s still plenty of time to participate in activities of the Cognitive Science program.

The Graduate Certificate is administered by the Cognitive Science Steering Committee, in collaboration with the Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology Departments and the Program in Communication Disorders. For more information, please contact Prof. Carl Coelho, Director.

Participating Faculty
A list of participating faculty can be found here.

Plan of Study
Download the plan of study here.