Paid language consultant for LING course (undergrad or grad student)

The Department of Linguistics may be seeking a native speaker of a lesser-studied language to serve as a language consultant for a course in Linguistic Field Methods in Spring 2018. The position will be paid. The manner and amount of pay may depend on the candidate’s status at the university.


– Native speaker of a less commonly studied language. Native speakers of indigenous and minority languages and dialects are especially encouraged to apply. At this time, we do not need speakers of major international languages including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or other European languages; Chinese, Japanese, Hindi or Urdu.

– Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

– Available to commit to 10 hours per week for the entire Spring 2018 semester.

– No background in Linguistics is required. No training or experience as a language teacher is expected.

– We do expect the applicants to be native speakers of the language, that is to have used it as their primary language during childhood.


For further information or to apply, please contact: Prof. Asia Pietraszko:

Please indicate the language that you speak natively.

Jon Sprouse
Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics