Graduate Certificate Application Process


The Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science is open to graduate students enrolled in a graduate degree program at the University of Connecticut. We encourage students to apply to the program around the second year of your home program – after you’ve had a chance to sink in to the home department, and while there’s still plenty of time to participate in activities of the Cognitive Science program.

Applications should be submitted by Nov. 1 for review at the Cognitive Science Steering Committee’s November meeting; or by Apr. 1 for review at the April meeting.

After our review process, a letter indicating your application status will be sent to applicants and cc’d to the two faculty members who supplied supporting letters.

For information about research and graduate studies, please contact:
Professor Letitia Naigles
Department of Psychological Sciences
406 Babbidge Rd, Unit 1020
Storrs, 02629-1085
Office: (860) 486-4942

Application Requirements

  • A CV in the style of your home field.
  • A brief personal statement regarding your interest in cognitive science and the UConn Cognitive Science program (1 page).
  • A brief letter signed by your major advisor supporting the application.
  • A second short letter supporting the application. This second letter should come from an appropriate departmental administrator – preferably one who is familiar with your work, and someone other than your major advisor (list of participating Department heads, Directors of Graduate Studies, and Division Heads).

Apply here.

Note: once your application has been started, you may email to have the application fee waived.

Transcripts will be provided by the Graduate School from your previous application file and current records.

A GPA of 3.0 is required by the Graduate School.