Cognitive Science Program Steering Committee

photo of James Chrobak

James Chrobak

Psychological Sciences

Photo of Holly Fitch

Holly Fitch

Psychological Sciences

Photo of Adrian Garcia-Sierra

Adrian Garcia-Sierra

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Photo of Mitch Green

Mitch Green


Photo of Alex Paxton

Alexandra Paxton

Psychological Sciences




Photo of Erika Skoe

Erika Skoe

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Photo of William Snyder

William Snyder


Photo of Manuela Wagner

Manuela Wagner

Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Photo of Dimitris Xygalatas

Dimitris Xygalatas





Photo of Kelsey Davinson

Kelsey Davinson

Psychological Sciences; Graduate Student

Photo of Elisa Medeiros

Elisa Mederios

COGS Certificate Student; BIRC MRI Manager

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