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CogSci Colloquia

Below is the schedule for the 2016-2017 CogSci colloquia. All talks are at 4PM, in Oak 109, unless otherwise noted. More talks will be scheduled and posted here soon.

Professor Dorit Bar-On
Department of Philosophy
University of Connecticut

“Crude Meaning, Brute Thought; or: What Are They Thinking?!”
Friday, February 3

Laurel Hall, 201

Professor Ray Jackendoff
Center for Cognitive Studies and Department of Philosophy
Tufts University

Morphology in the Mental Lexicon
Friday, December 9th

NOTE ROOM CHANGE:  Oak Hall, room 112.

Professor Seyhun Topbas
Istanbul Medipol University

Language impairment in Turkish-speaking children: The nature of morphological errors
Tuesday, November 15.


Professor Magdalena Kaufmann
Department of Linguistics
University of Connecticut

Speech Acts from the Linguistic Side
Friday, November 11th

NOTE LOCATION: Laurel Hall 202

Professor Eddy Nahmias
Georgia State

How to Do Things with Punishment: Expanding the Communicative Theory of Punishment
Friday, October 21st

NOTE LOCATION: Laurel Hall, Room 101.

Professor Peter Mundy
Developmental Psychology
UC Davis

A Novel Model of Joint Attention and Social Cognition
Friday, September 16th

Below was the schedule for the 2015-2016 CogSci colloquia.

September 25th – Anna Schusterman (Psychology, Wesleyan University): The Language/Thought Interface in Development: The Cases of Space and Number

October 30th – Joanna Morris (Cognitive Science, Hampshire College): Morpho-Orthographic and Morpho-Semantic Processing in Complex Word Recognition.

February 17th – Liz Peña (Communication Sciences & Disorders, University of Texas at Austin): Narratives in children with and without language impairment

Below was the schedule for the 2014-2015 CogSci colloquia.

Nov 10 — Prof. Asli Ozyurek (Linguistics, Center for Language Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics): Towards a multimodal view of language: Behavioral and neural evidence for the interplay between visible communicative actions and language processing

January 23 — Julie Franck (Psychology, University of Geneva): Hierarchical Structure and Memory Processes in Subject-Verb Agreement

January 30 — Prof. Eiling Yee (Psychology, University of Connecticut): The cognitive and neural representations of object concepts

February 20 — Catherine Wearing (Philosophy, Wellesley College) and Bipin Indurkhya (Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland): Symposium on Figurative Language and Mental Imagery

April 3 — Susan Schneider (Philosophy, University of Connecticut): The Mind is not the Software of the Brain (Even if the Brain is Computational)

Below was the schedule for the 2013-2014 CogSci colloquia.

Sept. 27 – Elena Grigorenko, Yale Child Study center: Though this be madness, there is method in it

Dec. 9 – Arthur Samuel — SUNY — Stony Brook (Psychology): Lexical Context Restructures Phonetic Category Boundaries

Jan. 24 – Mitchell Green – University of Connecticut (Philosophy): Holy *&@%$!: On the Semantics and Pragmatics of Slurs, Swear Words, and Epithets

April 4 – Scott Kelso – Florida Atlantic University (Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences): Coordinative Structures and Crick’s Conjecture

April 18 – Jenny Saffran — University of Wisconsin (Psychology): From sounds to meanings and back again: Cascading effects in infant language learning