The Cognitive Science Program’s mission is to prepare students to tackle global and multicultural challenges. With this in mind, we are excited to support the Cognitive Science Study Abroad Travel Award Program, which awarded travel awards to three Cognitive Science Majors for summer 2022 travel. Congratulations to Audrey Bush, Valerie Saykina, and Camryn Walsh!

Current Students

Photo of Audrey Bush

Audrey Bush

COGS Study Abroad Travel Recipient '22

Bio: Audrey is an undergraduate student studying cognitive science and music. Her specific interests include the relationship between the human mind, body and the effects of music as healing. She is interested in traveling to gain knowledge about different cultures and human behavior. Audrey will be attending the Interdisciplinary Ethnography Field School Program in Mauritius. 

Photo of Valerie Saykina

Valerie Saykina

COGS Study Abroad Travel Recipient '22

Bio: Valerie is a first year undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Science with a passion for research. Specifically, how our beliefs and religion affect the brain processes, and how we can adapt certain aspects to better quality of life. Believing that participation in the field is essential, she strives to gain more experiences in a variety of settings. Valerie will be attending the Interdisciplinary Ethnography Field School Program in Mauritius.

Photo of Camryn Walsh

Camryn Walsh

COGS Study Abroad Travel Recipient '22

Bio: Camryn is an undergraduate student studying allied health sciences and cognitive science. She currently is working in Whitney Tabor’s group coordination theory lab and is planning on becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. Camryn will be attending the Neuroscience Study Abroad Program in Salamanca, Spain.


Photo of Jordan Kiper

Alumni Spotlight

Jordan Kiper

Graduate of Cognitive Science Program `18

COGS Students, Alumni, and Faculty in the News

Connor Rickermann ’23

Connor, a dual COGS and Computer Science Engineering Major, partnered with Bike Walk Bolton on an economic impact project to collect data on how people use the popular Hop River Trail.

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Emily Kaufman '16

Emily, a COGS alumna, works with the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism to monitor online platforms and expose groups and organizations involved in extremism, antisemitism, and terrorism.

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Rose-Pacik Nelson '23

Rose was one of the 17 students awarded the Gilman Scholarship at UConn in 2022, an all-time high for the University. Only about 1 in 4 applicants are selected for the scholarship each year.

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Irene Soteriou '23

Irene, an honors double major in statistics and cognitive science, is only the 10th Truman Scholar from UConn since 1986 and was chosen out of over 700 candidates.

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Pavitra Makarla '21

Pavitra, a COGS alum, got involved in research early on in her educational career when, as a Sophomore, she joined the lab of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Associate Professor Emily Myers. For a senior thesis, she studied individual differences in sarcasm between the U.K. and the U.S. after getting inspiration from The Office sitcom.

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