Name Title Date/Time Room
Marjorie Rhodes

New York University

Developmental origins of social stereotyping

Co-sponsored by PSYC and COGS

October 18, 2023


Bousfield A106
Samuel Mathias

Harvard Medical School

Genetic and environmental influences on hearing, cocktail-party listening, and cognition

Co-sponsored by COGS and SLHS

November 10, 2023

4PM - 5:30PM

McHugh Hall 206
Jennifer Zuk

Boston University

Environmental influences on brain and language development in early childhood

Co-sponsored by PSYC-DEV and COGS

December 1, 2023


Konover Auditorium
Psyche Loui

Northeastern University

The Sciences of New Musical Systems, and Their Implications for Brain Health

Co-sponsored by ECOM and COGS

April 19, 2024


McHugh Hall 305

Past Speakers

Robyn Carston, University College London, 2023
Cristiano Chesi, University School for Advanced Studies (IUSS), 2023
Thomas Naselaris, University of Minnesota, 2023
Jonathan Peelle, Center for Cognitive and Brain Health at Northeastern University, 2023
Franco Pestilli, The University of Texas at Austin, 2023
Hady Ba, Cheikh Anta Diop University, 2022
John Hale, University of Georgia, 2022
Ani Patel, Tufts University, 2022
Lewis Gordon, University of Connecticut, 2021
Joseph Henrich, Harvard University, 2021
Barbara Rogoff, University of California in Santa Cruz, 2021
Jonathan Prather, University of Wyoming, 2020
Iris Berent, Northeastern University, 2020
Carol Miller, Penn State University, 2020
Aaron Shield, Miami University of Ohio, 2019
Marjorie Solomon, UC Davis, 2019
Mark Seidenberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2019
Richard Wilson, University of Connecticut, 2019
Paul Bloom, Yale University, 2018
Cristine Legare, University of Texas at Austin, 2018
Russell Epstein, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
Will Gervais, University of Kentucky, 2018
Barbara Landau, Johns Hopkins, 2017
David Rand, Yale University, 2017
Phil Corlett, Yale University, 2017