Cognitive Science Program Wordmark

Cognitive science is the study of how intelligent beings (including people, animals, and machines) perceive, act, know, and think.

Cog Sci explores the process and content of thought as observed in individuals, distributed through communities, manifested in the structure and meaning of language, modeled by algorithms, and contemplated by philosophies of mind.

Cogs Sci draws from many disciplines, including psychology, linguistics, logic, computer science, anthropology, and philosophy. Models are tested using evidence from psychological experiments, clinical studies, field studies, computer simulations, and neurophysiological observation.


About the UCONN Cognitive Science Program

The Cognitive Science Program’s mission is to provide interdisciplinary, high-quality training to undergraduate and graduate students in the science of the human mind. We aim to be a hub for Cognitive Science education at the University of Connecticut by serving as the point of intersection for the diverse approaches and perspectives from the fields of psychology, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology, computer science, and speech and hearing sciences.  Academic preparation includes theoretical and experimental foundations of cognitive science, and the opportunity for laboratory and field research. Our mission aligns with the institution and college missions of fostering innovative scholarship, diversity, and facilitating faculty-student interactions outside the classroom.

We support an undergraduate degree program (BA, BS, minor), a doctoral certificate program (open to non-degree students), and a colloquium series. The goal of the Colloquia is to create a forum for common intellectual exchange between students and faculty affiliates on a diverse range of topics within the field of Cognitive Sciences.  

Announcement: The Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate is now open to UConn students and continuing education students. Please see the Graduate Certificate webpage for more information. 


Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 26 MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Tara McAllister 3:30pm
  2. Sep 26 Pet Therapy 5:00pm
  3. Sep 27 Social Psychology Speaker Series 2:00pm
  4. Sep 27 STAT Colloquium, Prof. Sujit K. Ghosh 4:00pm