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List of People
NameDepartmentResearch Interests
Gerry AltmannPsychological Sciences
Adult language processing, the influence of context on sentence comprehension, event comprehension, the interface between language and vision
Dorit Bar-OnPhilosophy
Philosophy of language and mind; origins of language; theory of mind; pragmatics/semantics
Eva Bar-ShalomLinguistics
Language Acquisition, Slavic Linguistics, Bilingualism and Language Attrition
Thomas BontlyPhilosophy
Philosophy of mind, philosophy of science
Zeljko BoskovicLinguistics
Linguistics (Syntax)
Andrea CalabreseLinguistics
Phonological theory, Historical Linguistics, Romance Linguistics
James ChrobakPsychological Sciences
Making memories in the mammalian brain; the physiology and function of the hippocampus and interconnected forebrain circuits
Marie CoppolaPsychological Sciences
Language emergence, homesign, cognitive development, number cognition, sign language structure, language acquisition
Kimberly CuevasPsychological Sciences
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience: EEG, ECG, Learning, Memory, Executive Functions
Ido DavidescoEducational Psychology
School-based EEG research; Attention; Science education
James DixonPsychological Sciences
Self-organization in perception, action, and cognition; hermodynamic origins of behavior; complex behavior in non-living dissipative systems; Fractal and multi fractal analysis
Damir DzhafarovMathematics
Mathematical logic, computability theory and reverse mathematics
Inge-Marie EigstiPsychological Sciences
human cognition, and how brain development and core neurocognitive processes impact language acquisition
Deborah FeinPsychological Sciences
Effectiveness of using the M-CHAT-R to screen for ASD and other developmental delays; understanding the factors that contribute to better outcomes for children with ASD.
Holly FitchPsychological Sciences
Animal models of neurodevelopment and cognition; Models of neurodevelopmental disruption (genetics, early injury) and developmental disability
Carol FowlerPsychological Sciences
Ecology of language, speech perception from a direct-realist theoretical perspective; compatible theoretical approach to speech perception
Lendra FriesenSpeech, Language & Hearing Sciences
cochlear implants, speech perception, electrophysiology, aging
Jon GajewskiLinguistics
Adrian Garcia-SierraSpeech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Speech perception, language development, bilingualism, ERPs
James GreenPsychological Sciences
Development of prelinguistic communication
Mitchell GreenPhilosophy
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Pragmatics, Evolution of Communication, Animal Communication
Bernard GrelaSpeech, Language & Hearing Sciences
SLI, language disorders, reading disabilities, phonological disorders
Gwen GustafsonPsychological Sciences
social and communicative behavior, infant development, development of caregiving behavior
Roeland HancockPsychological Sciences
Cognitive neuroscience of language, individual differences, neuroimaging, cortical excitability
Fumiko HoeftPsychological Sciences
Brain development, Neuroimaging, Individual differences, Literacy acquisition, Dyslexia
Patrick HoganEnglish
Emotion, simulation, and narrative; beauty and aesthetic response; social neuroscience, politics, and literature
James KaufmannEducational Psychology
Creativity measurement; Creativity and social justice; Creativity and its relationship to other constructs (such as personality, intelligence, and motivation); Creativity theories; and Creativity and Mental Health
Magdalena KaufmannLinguistics
Semantics, pragmatics, syntax-semantics interface
Stefan KaufmannLinguistics
Semantics, Pragmatics, Computational Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Psychology
Ally LadhaLiteratures, Cultures, & Languages
Philosophy and literature; aesthetics; literary theory; postcolonial studies; poetry (19th and 20th century French, francophone African, American, British, Latin American); Islamic studies (pre-Islamic poetry; Quranic studies; art and aesthetics; Islamic legal and political theory; African Islam); German romanticism
Nicole LandiPsychological Sciences
Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurogenetic Approaches
Edward LargePsychological Sciences
Auditory Neuroscience, Dynamic Systems
Diane Lillo-MartinLinguistics
Monolingual and Bilingual First Language Acquisition, Structure and Acquisition of American Sign Language
Michael LynchPhilosophy
Representation, philosophy of mind
James MagnusonPsychological Sciences
Cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience of language; computational modeling
Etan MarkusPsychological Sciences
Behavioral neuroscience, physiology, learning, memory aging
Kerry MarshPsychological Sciences
Motivational influences on persuasion, social cognition, and behaviour
Robert McCartneyComputer Science and Engineering
Artificial intelligence, robotics, computing education
Ruth MillikanPhilosophy
Philosophy of Mind, philosophy of science
Andrew MoiseffPhysiology & Neurobiology
Understanding of the neural mechanisms controlling communication behavior
Jennifer MozeikoSpeech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Aphasia rehabilitation, discourse deficits following brain injury, mechanisms for recovery in chronic aphasia, functional neuroimaging.
Emily MyersPsychological Sciences
Speech perception, cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging, aphasia
Letitia NaiglesPsychological Sciences
Language representation, language acquisition, language in developmental disorders, cross-linguistic comparisons
Alexandra PaxtonPsychological Sciences
dynamics of interaction and social behavior; data-rich research methods; naturally occurring datasets and "big data"; ethics of human-derived data
Jeremy PressmanPolitical Science
Foreign policy decision-making, Middle East Studies
Heather ReadPsychological Sciences
Behavioral neuroscience of social communication including vocalizations
Jay RuecklPsychological Sciences
Reading, word identification, and morphology, Implicit and explicit memory, Connectionist networks and dynamical systems
John SalamonePsychological Sciences
Neurochemistry and Behavior
Mikhael ShorEconomics
Industrial organization & antitrust, experimental economics, auction theory
Erika SkoeSpeech Language & Hearing Sciences
The influence of enriched or impoverished experiences on linguistic and cognitive function
William SnyderLinguistics
Child Language Acquisition, Comparative Grammar, Models of Language Processing
Tammie SpauldingSpeech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Language development; Specific Language Impairment
Adrian StegovecLinguistics
syntax, linguistic typology, linguistic variation, syntax-semantics interface
Umay SuandaPsychological Sciences
Early cognitive, social, and language development, word learning, caregiver-toddler communication.
Whit TaborPsychological Sciences
Dynamical systems theory, artificial neural networks, language (structure, processing, change, learning), sentence processing, artificial grammar, recursion, experimental semiotics, theory of computation.
Rachel TheodoreSpeech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Speech perception, spoken language processing, perceptual learning, dyslexia, hearing impairment
Evelyn TribbleEnglish
Shakespeare, performance, memory, and skill.
Eduardo Urios-AparisiLiteratures, Cultures, & Languages
Cognitive linguistics, conceptual metaphor theory applied to cinema and art
Harry van der HulstLinguistics
Phonological Theory, SL Phonology, Evolution of Language, Phonological Acquisition, Phonetics-Phonology Interface
Manuela WagnerLiteratures, Cultures, & Languages
Early language development in “normal” and “exceptional” circumstances, second language acquisition, pragmatics, brain development
Dimitris XygalatasAnthropology
Ritual, cooperation, and the interaction between cognition and culture
Eiling YeePsychological Sciences
Semantic memory/neural representation of concepts; spoken word recognition