Undergraduate Research


There are opportunities for undergraduate students to work on research during the summer or academic year. Many faculty members also mentor independent projects led by students, especially students applying for funding to conduct research through the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and the Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS).

While students are expected to find their own research opportunities, here are some tips:

Finding a Lab/Faculty Member

Contact professors directly to ask about opportunities as early as possible as an undergraduate


Funding Your Research

Email Advice & Templates

For tips, email templates, and sample professional emails (i.e., to faculty), visit the OUR's email etiquette page. For additional guidance, the following posts by OUR Research Ambassadors may be particularly helpful: 

Telling Your Story

Visit OUR's Telling Your Story page for tips on how to tell professors and other professionals about yourself - a common question asked in initial meetings. 

    Building Your Network

    Looking for tips on building and maintaining your professional network? Visit OUR's Building Your Network page. 

      After Accepting a Research Opportunity

      You've accepted a research opportunity - now what? Visit OUR's Tips for Success page, which includes links to blog posts for a student perspective on how to overcome challenges and roadblocks, communication and collaboration, and navigating the research experience. 

        Earning Course Credit for Research

        Once the research position/project has been secured, students can plan to enroll for course credit. Cognitive Science students interested in participating in research for credit can enroll in COGS 3589- Undergraduate Research with permission from the faculty member teaching the section.

        Students can earn anywhere from 1-3 credits for their work in a faculty member's research lab. The number of credits is determined by the number of hours worked per week per specific term. Use the grid below to determine how many credits you should register for. Typically, students will register for 3 credits of research during a regular (fall or spring) semester.  This is ultimately decided by the faculty member and the student.

        Credits Hours Per 14 Week Term (Fall & Spring) Hours Per 10 Week Term (Summer 3) Hours Per 5 Week Term (Summer 1 & 2) Hours Per 3 Week Term (Winter & May Intersession) Total Required Hours Per Term
        1 3 4 8 14 42
        2 6 8.5 17 28 84
        3 9 12.5 25 42 126
        4 12 17 34 - 168
        5 15 21 42 - 210
        6 18 25 - - 252

        Presenting Research & Publications