Certificate FAQs

Can I complete this certificate online?

While classes are occasionally offered in that format, students should be prepared to complete the certificate in-person.

What is the time to completion?

For students who enroll in the certificate program while they are also pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Connecticut, within one year of either (1) the time the doctoral degree is awarded, or (2) the time allowed to complete the doctoral degree, if the student does not complete the degree within that time-frame

For students who enroll in the certificate program but are not pursuing a PhD, the requirements for the certificate must be completed within three years of initial enrollment.

What if I want to take a course and it’s not listed as an option?

Please email the Director. The Director, with the help of the COGS steering committee, has the discretion to evaluate courses that count towards the certificate as needed.

I am currently a certificate student and am enrolled in a UConn graduate program or plan to be in one soon. Can I count my certificate credits towards my graduate program?

If a student earns a certificate and is currently pursuing or subsequently admitted to a related graduate degree program, all credits from the certificate may be counted toward the graduate degree, subject to the approval of the student’s advisory committee in the degree program and the director of the certificate program. Please note that the coursework needs to be completed within the time limit for completion of the degree requirements.

I’m already a PhD student and I’ve completed all of the course work. What should I do?

You should still formally apply to the certificate program. Contact the Director and include your plan of study.

I took classes at UConn as either an undergraduate student or nondegree student. Can I count those courses towards the certificate?

Students in certificate programs may include on the final certificate Plan of Study up to six credits of advanced coursework taken at the University of Connecticut either as an undergraduate or a nondegree student. The courses should be listed as an option for the COGS certificate or are relevant to Cognitive Science (to be approved by the Director),

I am not in a PhD program – what if I’m not able to take a class a given semester? (for example, you can’t fit a course into your schedule, or aren’t interested in any of the courses).

You have two options:

  1. You can take a leave of absence within the semester that courses are not available. This will allow you to extend the time window to complete the certificate. Contact Megan Petsa at the Grad School megan.petsa@uconn.edufor more information.
  2. Enroll in GRAD 5997 continuous registration, this is a 0-credit course, not tuition but the student will be responsible for $400.00 fee.  This will keep you active in the program.

I’m not seeing COGS 5001 offered.

Typically this course is offered in the Fall but is currently not being offered. For alternative arrangements, please contact the Director.

Can I use transfer credits towards the certificate?

Credits earned at other institutions may not be used on a certificate’s plan of study.

How do I submit letters of recommendation when I apply?

The Slate interface will ask you to input the recommenders' names and contact information. They will then receive a link to upload their recommendation letters.  

Where can my second letter of recommendation come from?

The second letter of recommendation does not need to come from a department head, it can come from a faculty who is familiar with your work who isn't your advisor.

I missed the application deadline. Can I still apply?

Students may request a 15 day extension to apply by contacting the Program Director.