Seeking Speakers: UConn Science Salon

The UConn Science Salon is a forum for researchers to talk about science with guests from the public, in casual café settings around the state.

The Science Salon is forming its 2017/2018 season and are considering topics such as:

· Memory
· Children’s Health
· Influence of Media
· Seaweed

The topics are often broadly discussed and looked at from multiple perspectives. For example, in regards to memory they could discuss everything from aging and memory, social constructs of memory, and how to improve memory, etc. Influence of the media may include cognition and the formation of beliefs, etc.

If any IBACS affiliates have done research on such topics, and would be interested in being a speaker during the Science Salon 2017/2018 season please feel free to contact Pamela Chudzik

More information about Science Salon is at their site below.