Speaker: Philip Corlett of Yale, 9/6

Philip Corlett, Yale University: Finding Beliefs in the Brain: Hallucinations, Delusions & Predictive Processing.


Wed 9/6 at 1:25pm in Bousfield (room 162). 


The speaker is a cognitive neuroscientist and his most recent publication “Pavlovian conditioning–induced hallucinations result from overweighting of perceptual priors” appeared this month in Science and describes some very interesting fMRI results.



Dr. Philip Robert Corlett trained in Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychiatry with Professors Trevor Robbins and Paul Fletcher at the University of Cambridge. He won a Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship and completed his PhD on the brain bases of delusion formation in the Brain Mapping Unit, Department of Psychiatry. After a short postdoc, he was awarded the University of Cambridge Parke- Davis Exchange Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences which brought him to the Yale University Department of Psychiatry to explore the maintenance of delusions with Professors Jane Taylor and John Krystal. He was named a Rising Star and Future Opinion Leader by Pharmaceutical Marketing Magazine and joined the Yale faculty in 2011 where he will continue to explore the cognitive and biological mechanisms of delusional beliefs as well as predictive learning, habit formation and addiction.

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