Info Session: Living Lab at the CT Science Center

Sign up for the Connecticut Science Center info sessions on  Wednesday 11/30 or Friday 12/1! We’re planning on making better use of a collaboration with the local science museum to run experiments and do outreach, and you’re invited to participate. Even if you don’t have any experiments that would be a good fit for a science museum context (and you’d be surprised what can be), we’d even take people who just want to do some outreach about language research with non-scientists. If you’re interested, please use this link to sign up. Even if you can’t make the days/times listed, feel free to put your name down, and we’ll email you the information we’ll be discussing. We will likely have Megan Dempsey, our contact at the CSC, as a guest on at least Friday.

Laurel Hall, room 106 –  Wednesday (11/29, noon) or Friday (12/1, 3pm)