Post-doc Research Position – Cross-cultural Developmental Psychology

Job Advertisement: Post-doctoral Research Position available in Cross-cultural Development of Empathy

A Post-doctoral Research Associate position available for up to 36 months in the Psychology Department at Durham University, UK to investigate the cross-cultural development of empathy in human infants.  The project is funded by the European Research Council and involves both primary research to be conducted in Samoa and the UK as well as the opportunity to work along side the PI in larger-scale project management (with planned comparisons at multiple cross-cultural sites).  Primary research will involve conducting and coordinating research involving naturalistic observations and behavioural experiments, including eyetracking and psycho-physical measures. Please see the below advertisement for more information. I am very happy to field questions or enquiries from potentially interested candidates:
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Zanna Clay
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Durham University

Zanna Clay, PhD

Department of Psychology
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