SLAC/NBL/COGS Talk: Dr. Cristiano Chesi on 3/27

Dr. Cristiano Chesi, University School for Advanced Studies (IUSS) in Pavia, Italy

Date: Monday, 3/27/2023

Time: 12:20 PM

Place: BOUS A-106


Talk Title: Testing grammaticality through minimal-pairs sensitivity in (deaf) children (and ChatGPT): The COnVERSA test Cristiano Chesi 


Bio: Cristiano Chesi is Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University School for Advanced Studies (IUSS) in Pavia, Italy, where he serves as Director of NeTS, the IUSS Laboratory for Neurolinguistics, Computational Linguistics, and Theoretical Syntax. His research interests include computational linguistics, language acquisition, and linguistic disabilities. 

Presented by the UConn Programs in SLAC (the Science of Learning and the Art of Communication) and NBL (the Neurobiology of Language), with co-sponsorship by UConn’s Cognitive Science Program 


To request an appointment with Dr. Chesi, please contact William Snyder (

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