Intel Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Nick Monto is a current fourth year graduate student here at UConn and also an Intel student ambassador. Part of his duties as a student ambassador include organizing on-campus workshops.

Before coordinating a workshop, he would like to get a feel for everyone’s interest and experience with regards to artificial intelligence (AI) and their interest in attending a workshop.

Here you will find a link to a brief Google Form that contains questions regarding your academic position, your knowledge and experience with regards to AI, and your interest in attending an on-campus workshop.

The general plan for the workshop is a brief overview of machine learning and AI followed by some practice with tools and packages developed by Intel that aid in the development and implementation of these algorithms. A more detailed plan will be developed and distributed (if interest is high enough).

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email Nick at


Nicholas Monto

NSF IGERT trainee

SLHS Pre-doctoral student

University of Connecticut
850 Bolton Road, Unit 1085
Storrs CT 06269-1085