IBACS Call for Seed Grant Applications

The Connecticut Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences (CT IBaCS) is pleased to announce a new call for applications to its seed grant fund. Funding is available for research projects, shared infrastructure resources, as well as collaborative workshops.


Full details on eligibility, application process and forms can be found on the Institute website.


Please note the following items are particularly relevant in consideration of applications:


  • Seed funding will support projects that have relevance (broadly construed) to the Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Institute’s mission.


  • Successful applications to the seed fund will typically involve collaborations that require expertise across laboratories and traditional disciplinary boundaries.


  • Priority will be given to novel, innovative research programs, rather than continuation of an existing line of a PIs research.


  • IBaCS offers seed funding for collaborative research projects that are likely to lead to applications for external funding.



Please submit your Letter of Intent as far in advance of the deadline as possible, and the Director of the Institute will respond with feedback. Applications for full proposals (in excess of $10,000) should be submitted by May 1st (applications for small grants (<$10,000) can be submitted at any time of the year).


The Institute also invites applications for affiliate memberships.